Suddenly It’s July…

and in less than three weeks I’ll be speaking at the Penzance Literary Festival, as part of a crammed programme of events with some really exciting speakers. And me!

Usually when I speak in public it’s for Amnesty International and I’m talking about appalling abuses of human rights or – in my previous incarnation as a Careers Adviser – on how to get into university and how much it’s going to cost, so talking about my writing is like a day off and I’m really looking forward to it.

Even if the audience for a writer few people have heard of is likely to be a pretty small one.

I’m hoping there may be a few people there who have actually read the book, which has been reviewed in Cornwall Today and the journal of the Cornwall Family History Society – via which I received, last week, my first fan letter!

Lots of people have told me that the book brings to life Cornwall, particularly Falmouth, in 1901 but this lady has the distinction of being the great grand daughter of one of the real-life characters, Elizabeth Jane Fouracre, housekeeper to Henry Scott Tuke. To my delight – and relief – she enjoyed the book very much. It’s a bit of a risk, writing about people who actually lived, since it’s possible a descendant could find fault with the presentation, and I’m so glad she didn’t.

You can find out more about the Penzance Literary Festival and the huge number of events on offer at                   I’m speaking at The Ritz in Queen Street, 12.45 – 1.45 on Sat July 21st.


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